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    The Old Dragon King lost his temper, but Zhang Ning did not. Although Chu Giang Vuong's status was also taken advantage of, it brought many conveniences. But in reality, Zhang Ning didn't care too much, he was Zhang Ning from Yangjian, not Chujiang King from Yinsi God Sect. Zhang Ning liked Mo Heiyu very much, because he called him Old Dragon King and treated him as an uncle, he would not change. "Old Dragon King is talking nonsense, I consider Hei Yuna as my sister, how can I consider her as my leg?" Zhang Ning seriously shook his head. "I lost my temper." Old Dragon King calmed down and smiled shyly. But it was really a rare opportunity, and I was confused for a while. The opponent is So Giang Vuong, what a great opportunity. But think about it another way. As the king of Chujiang, since he recognized Mo Heiyu as his sister, he would be a promise, and it would be difficult to keep. Why not a sister, but a mount? This is not chasing things, this is not confusion, what is? Old Long Vuong sighed deeply in his heart, thinking: "Indeed, my best daughter, both talented and lucky than me, sat at home and went to the True Demon Realm, then met King Chu Giang. It's really a great blessing to be called a brother. I'm a little jealous of this old man. If I had such an opportunity back then, I'm afraid I would have turned into a real dragon and gone, what else would there be? "The king of Vinh Ninh Ha?" Old Long Vuong thought of it and didn't mention it anymore. But he didn't dare to really consider himself Elder Truong Ninh, standing with both hands tied, quite respectful. Seeing this, Zhang Ning also knew that he might not be able to come back. Just take it personally. The old dragon king considered me as King So Giang, but I still considered him as an uncle. "The world is in chaos. If the world knows my identity, there will be no peace. I also ask the old Dragon King to keep my secret. Even if it is a black jade, it must not be revealed." Truong Ninh said and immediately cupped his hands. But it wasn't because he was afraid of causing trouble, but because he was afraid of meeting a disciple or spending all day looking for an opportunity, a great monster. This is chaos in the world. "Okay." Old Dragon King agreed. Immediately, he became confused, after all, he was a bit of a natural, and suddenly didn't know what to say. A moment later, the old Dragon King noticed Thanh Long Vuong's soul in front of Truong Ninh, found the reason, and asked: "From what Chu Giang Vuong just said, you intend to capture Thanh Long's body in exchange for it." get money?" , old Dragon King Do you want to talk about lack of money? Tell me, I have lost everything, and I want to collect the treasures and dedicate them to you. But Old Ancestor Dragon King thought carefully, so he couldn't say that. It seems like the majestic Wang Zhujiang is still short of money? "That's right. I still have family and disciples waiting to eat. I can't make money, I can only find a few dragons with no eyes, tigers are tigers, then sell them." Truong Ninh nodded, then glanced at the old Dragon King and said seriously: "Old Dragon King and Thanh Long are from the same Dragon family. If I sell Thanh Long, there will be no taboos, right? If he Dragon King is in trouble, I will kill him." The Old Dragon King quickly waved his hand, shook his head as if shaking, and said: "There are as many dragons in the world as cow hair. In rivers and seas, perhaps an ordinary carp has dragon blood on it. Everyone has a life." own. Regardless of whether the king of Zhujiang kills the green dragon or exchanges it for money, it is the same. The king of Zhujiang's freedom." At this time, the old dragon king helped and said: "King So Giang extracted the Thanh Dragon's soul with the chains of the Shinto religion. The body was preserved very well. This body is a priceless treasure in this world of wind and moon. But this soul is not bad." . I will help King So Giang erase Qinglong's soul consciousness, King So Giang can exchange it for money." The old dragon king erased Qinglong's consciousness and the soul was frozen. Zhang Ning looked down and placed the soul my soul into Wanbaofan. Immediately there was another conversation, but another silence, and there was really nothing to say. Truong Ninh had nothing more to say, and the old Dragon King did not dare to talk nonsense . Zhang Ning thought for a moment and said: "Old Dragon King, those who just escaped must be the Dragon King in the sea, right?" You should find a way to tell them not to reveal my identity indiscriminately, and I will forget the past. By the way, please help me find my identity. "Niu, the sea is wide, but I don't know where to find it." "Yes. The one-horned black dragon is hundreds of meters long, but first come to the three old dragon kings and mobilize the water tribe to find Niu Er Sau There, he informed Tiger King and Eagle King not to reveal Zhang Ning's identity. Zhang Ning really had no intention of causing trouble for those people. Run away! Run away. The Old Dragon King handled the matter. The matter was very proper, Mr. Long's father heard that So Giang Vuong had an order so he did not dare to ignore it, mobilized contacts, mobilized the aquarium to find Truong Ninh the stupid cow. Three days later, Zhang Ning found Niu Er on the river. an island. This is an archipelago, the islands are not far from each other, shaped like a half moon, on the island there is vegetation, the beach is full of coconut trees, the jungle has goats. Zhang Ning saw the lazy cow of I was lying on my stomach, lazily under the sun. Occasionally it snorted and wagged its tail. Zhang Ning saw this very happily, this stupid cow said that he was looking for Dahe to practice the true method of Tianshui. But it turns out he is hiding here and basking in the sun in a daze. I was worried in vain, along the way, a lot of things happened. Zhang Ning flew Wanbaofan down from the sky and landed in front of Niu Er. Niu Nhi heard the movement and opened his eyes. Seeing Truong Ninh, he said proudly: "Master!!!" "Master, master, quickly take me back, I can't move anymore." into a beautiful girl with horns and big breasts, a bell around her neck and a space bag around her waist. Then, he used all his strength to rush towards Truong Ninh. “What's wrong?” Zhang Ning realized that Niu Er didn't seem to be joking, but seemed very tired, so he couldn't help but frown. "Master knows, I have true dragon bloodline, ox god bloodline, I come from a noble background (thief), but because of bloodline mutation, there is no inheritance, I truly inherited it from Thien Thuy." Long love, and I will be happy." I rushed to the Vinh Ninh River through the clouds and fog. But there are many aquariums on the Vinh Ninh River, so I have some taboos. I go east along the river and to the sea. Then, I practiced Tianshui true method, achieved some success, ate the blood of a real dragon given by the demon dragon, as a result, the dragon blood and cow blood in my body began to fight, The eastern wall can't overwhelm the western wall, and the western wall can't overwhelm the eastern wall, I feel very uncomfortable and have no strength." Niu Er stuck out her soft tongue, half dead. Zhang Ning frowned even more when he heard these words. This cow really had an extraordinary background, and his parents were absolutely not idle people. Niu Er thinks his parents are dead, but Zhang Ning suspects that Niu Er's parents may not be dead. Could such a powerful existence really die so easily? Anyway, Zhang Ning was suspicious. Either way, these are irresponsible parents. Leaving her daughter in her small world to fend for herself. There is no legacy left behind. He wanted to swallow the real dragon blood and purify the dragon blood in his body, but it caused a fierce conflict with the bull's blood. My cow is so pitiful. "Then there's no need to eat the True Dragon's blood. I have time for you to find some tricks for the Demon Race. You can only wait. If you don't have the inheritance, you can gather the forces of a hundred sects and create." out you." own method." Zhang Ning lovingly touched Niu Er's head and said. "My master doesn't hurt his back when he stands and talks, I'm not your master either, I'm smart and talented, stupid as a cow, incapable of creating "one's own methods." Niu Er rolled her eyes and muttered. "Pa" Zhang Ning clenched his index finger and lightly flicked Niu Er's forehead with a smile. Niu Er covered his forehead and cried out, feeling aggrieved. Zhang Ning carried Niu Er and sat on Wanbaofan, and while driving Wanbaofan back to Suolong village, he said to Niu Er: "When I have a chance, I will create a method for you." pleasantly surprising path. She knew how intelligent and terrifying Truong Ninh was, and she also knew that Truong Ninh was the King of the Divine Sect of So Giang King. “Of course it's true.” Truong Ninh smiled and said. Niu Nhi quickly hugged Truong Ninh's waist, rubbed Truong Ninh hard, happily took it off, narrowed his eyes and said: "Master is so kind." I don't know if all dragons like to rub people or not, Mac Hac Ngoc also has this problem. Truong Ninh thought to himself. Go all the way west, eventually returning to Suolong village. Next to this Bach Van nunnery, in the village there are many Buddhists and villagers working day after day, things seem normal, but there is a village trapped by a demon dragon. Zhang Ning didn't want to shock the world too much, so he controlled Wan Baofan to land in a far away place. Niu Er was then transformed into a sacred cow, and the two walked back to the village on their own two feet. It's been several months since then, and winter is coming. The fields outside the village, the crops already harvested, were deserted. The villagers have nothing to do in their free time, so they often fight Tiger Fist. Zhang Ning is very famous in the village because of his excellent boxing skills. After going out for several months and not returning, the villagers were quite worried. Seeing Truong Ninh returning with the cow, he showed joy and came forward to say hello. Truong Ninh each bowed one by one, then returned to temporarily stay in the small yard. Pushing open the door and entering, leaves were piled up in the yard, no one had cleaned them up for many days. As for Zhang Zishan, Li's sister's room, the door was tightly closed and Zhang Ning could only hear a sigh. Zhang Ning smiled, took out the broom from Wanbaofan and swept a clean place first. Niu Er couldn't wait to lie down in a clean place and fall asleep. Zhang Ning then cleaned up the small yard, piled the leaves together and activated the true essence, and a bit of real fire was activated at his fingertips, burning the fallen leaves. In the realm of the spirit fetus, the use of true energy is not much different from that of people in the world, so the fighting skills are only more splendid. But Zhenyuan is different from Zhenqi after all. Zhang Ning has seen many methods, and it is not difficult to create fire. After lighting the fire, Zhang Ning blew on the leaves again, the fire rose up, burning all the fallen leaves. Then Truong Ninh clapped his hands and walked out of the main bedroom, opened the door and entered. Seeing a layer of dust falling in the bedroom, Truong Ninh gently touched the layer of dust, thinking to herself that the little sister of the Ly family had probably been in seclusion for more than a month. Seeing her diligently cultivating, Truong Ninh did not bother her, but even went to the bed and sat side by side with the Ly family's younger sisters, carrying his Tran Nguyen. Five days later, the Ly family's younger sister woke up, and Truong Ninh also opened her eyes. “Mr. Truong, you're home.” The Ly family's younger sister hugged Truong Ninh in surprise, slapped Truong Ninh, then happily kissed her. “Nuu Nhi is also back.” The Ly family's younger sister sensed that Niu Nhi had also returned, so she quickly pushed the door out and happily hugged Niu Nhi, but Niu Nhi was still weak so she didn't pay much attention. for the younger sister of the Li family. The Ly family's younger sister was a little confused so she returned to the room and asked Truong Ninh: "Brother Truong Ninh, is there something wrong with Niu Nhi?" "YES." Truong Ninh nodded and roughly told the Li family's younger sister about Niu Er. Ly's younger sister looked miserable and said: "Nuu Nhi is also difficult." But the Truong family loves each other very much, whether they are husband and wife, disciples or mounts, they all get along very well. The younger sister of the Li family and Niu Er are very close. Zhang Ning smiled and said: "Niu Er is very talented, and I'm taking care of her. Don't worry, don't worry about her." Zhang Ning is very confident. The Ly family's younger sister also trusted Truong Ninh. Hearing that, she hummed and let it go, revealing a happy expression. The couple talked for a while, Zhang Ningcai took out the bottle given to the old Dragon King by Wanbaofan, gave it to his younger sister Li, and briefly explained the situation. “Brother.” The Ly family's little sister bit her lip when she heard that, her eyes turned slightly red, and her heart was very touched. Although Ly Nguyen Ba is indeed a bastard in some ways, his advantages are also very prominent. And this elixir was actually obtained by the eldest brother and her husband together. Of course, the younger sister of the Ly family did not forget about Truong Ninh. She spat and smeared it on Truong Ninh's face. Immediately, Zhang Ning asked the Li family's younger sister to swallow the elixir. The younger sister named Ly nodded, took out a medicinal pill as white as snow, fragrant as a longan, from the bottle, and swallowed it. Pure Duong Hoa was extremely domineering, the old dragon king was grateful to Truong Ninh for his kindness in rescuing his daughter, consuming a lot of medicinal herbs to help neutralize the medicine. As the old Dragon King said, after taking this medicinal pill, it will be possible to change the talent of the little sister of the Ly family, strengthening her body and soul. There is no harm in Baili. This is also extremely important to Zhang Ning. Among the members of the Truong family, the younger sister of the Ly family has the poorest character. Niu Er and Zhang Zishan have different talents, but Liu Xiuxiu is blessed by Bodhisattva. Zhang Ning himself didn't need to say anything. It's great that the Li family's younger sister can keep up. This elixir is not small, it took the little sister of the Ly family half a month to digest the elixir. After waking up, a little black dirt appears on the skin, which is due to impurities in the body being excreted. “Ah ah.” The little sister of the Ly family cried out and quickly went to get water to wash herself, but it turned out to be a beautiful white girl. Afterwards, the Ly family's younger sister cleaned up the bedroom, then went into seclusion to practice with Truong Ninh. Now they can refuel and eat food. There are no other problems, so cultivation is the main thing. In fact, this is the normal state of practitioners. Dreaming for 30,000 years, when I wake up I'm already a fairy. Another month passed, Truong Ninh suddenly woke up. In other words, the people in the villages in many surrounding places have awakened. It was a dark night. "Ah!!!" A dragon roar rang out. Something happened to the demon dragon in Suolongjing.

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    A Phuc stiffly turned his head, his face showing shame and helplessness. That expression seemed to be saying, I'm trying my best to appease my anger, but you act as if nothing happened. Can you still understand my feelings? A Phuc quickly pretended and said in a deep voice: "Don't make trouble, they are hunters, and they are still drunk, not to mention angering them."

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    Outside the station, at the foot of the stone bridge, the surrounding cliff looks like a giant upside-down bell. The giant waterfall Jiudao Feiquan, like white jade, rushes out from the top of the mountain, falls down through the gap in the cliff, falls straight to the bottom of the mountain valley, merges into a giant abyss, and then falls down along the depression. . The terrain turns into a lake, countless wide and narrow streams flow endlessly.

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    A loud explosion rang out, the small fist was filled with amazing power, freezing the white figure in mid-air. It was a giant ape about Zhang's height, with snow-white fur all over, strong arms and long legs. Although it could not speak, it could understand human language.

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    The heavenly realm in the mortal world has a strong feeling, let alone those who have cultivated their true nature. But the person hiding in the darkness was not discovered by the sisters of the Thien Dinh sect, because he was covered by endless demonic energy, in other words, the opponent was a demonic cultivator. I'm afraid that it's most likely true love, and moreover, love is not the same. As for why the other side is hiding it, it's unclear, but the possibility of malicious intent is extremely high. If it's upright, why hide in the dark? If it were a stranger, Truong Ninh would naturally not meddle in other people's affairs. But after all, my cousin was there, and along the way there were a few nuns taking care of me, so Truong Ninh also paid a little attention. Tiandingzong's formation remained unchanged, Zhang Ning, Li Mudan and Yan Ziyun were guarded in the middle, while Wang Yuanguang stood in front, Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu stood on the left and right. Everyone was in formation, and Li Mudan controlled the three-pole and four-pole formation to deal with the flying squirrel. "My Thien Dinh sect's three-talented four-pole formation is actually very simple, flying swords are the main attack, spells are the main defense, do you see the purple energy around us? This is the spell But regardless of the talisman and flying sword, because their energy is exhausted and cannot be reused, the pearl in Senior Sister Ly's hand is not only a formation eye, it also has power, the true essence in Senior Sister Ly's body is also present. can add a little strength. In other words, the stronger the formation user, the stronger the formation. The more durable the three-talent and four-pole formations." Yan Ziyun was extremely confident in his senior, calmly stood up and said to Zhang Ning By the way. Zhang Ning nodded, the earth-shattering formation was in his Wanbaofan, Wanbaofan was the eye of the formation, and the boundless mana in his soul was the power to activate the formation. In other words, his Wanbaofan relied on the infinite mana in his soul to support it, and it could run endlessly. But Li Mudan's true energy was limited, and she relied more on the pearl in her hand to power the array. This is normal operation. The earth-shaking matrix controlled by Zhang Ning was a very normal operation. Yan Ziyun and Zhang Ning were chatting inside the formation, but the fight outside the formation had already begun. Three talents and four poles, three spells provide extremely strong defense, but the range is not large. The four purple flying swords' main attack is to fly out of formation and use the other four extreme swords to kill. "Safes!!!" That flying squirrel is a monster, not a creature, with limited intelligence, it just instinctively kills all creatures it sees. It creaked, and a large bat and a pair of small wings shook, it was extremely large, but extremely fast. A pair of red eyes flashed, already in front of the Three Talents and Four Poles. "Touch!!" Four flying swords swung forward, Momonga stretched out his front legs, grabbed Tu Ky, Tu Qi boiled for a while, almost bursting like a water bubble. Simply, the four purple flying swords turned around, the four swords rotated continuously, and the purple light soared into the sky. Phi Phi Phu Phu, the flying sword at extremely fast speed pierced the flying squirrel's wings, leaving some wounds on the flying squirrel's body. Finally, the four swords merged into one, falling from the air, straight towards the flying squirrel. The flying squirrel side falls down. . There were countless small holes in Momonga's wings, and black liquid flowed from the wounds on his body, but he recovered quickly. It creaked, stepped on its thick hind legs and dodged past. With a "boom" sound, the purple light from the four purple swords merged into one and fell to the ground, causing a large hole to appear on the ground, a cloud of dust flew up, and the demonic aura began to stir. During the short fight, Momonga was slightly injured, but it seemed like it wasn't a big deal. The three-talented and four-pole formation also consumes some power. "Next is to prolong the fight. This type of flying squirrel is extremely resilient, holding the advantage in endless magic power, and our three-level and four-level formations will sooner or later run out of strength." But the flying squirrel will be injured more and more, seriously, the recovery speed will be slower and slower, Tu Van, don't slack off, when the power of the level three and four formations are exhausted, three "We will kill the flying squirrel together. You stay and protect Mudan." Sister Wang Yuanguang said. "Yes, sister." Yan Ziyun answered honestly, also very seriously, twisted his wrist, sword forward, approaching Li Mudan. But after only being serious for a moment, Nhan Tu Van raised his head and said to Truong Ninh: "Come here, the distance is too far, I can't cover you." Truong Ninh did not turn his head, but instead paid more attention. figure in demonic energy, keeping a calm expression Leaning. Yen Tu Van smiled with satisfaction, it was finally my turn to cover him. In Daqi's world, this foul cousin is really optimistic, thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi. Be a little brother. Yan Ziyun happily played another sword flower, and the purple dress also flew with it, but she lifted the long dress with her bare legs and tucked it into her waist, revealing her white, full calves. charming. And as Wang Yuanguang said, the next step is a war of attrition. Although Momonga's recovery ability is amazing and it has an advantageous position, it cannot quickly break the three talents' quadruple defensive purple light, but it must be damaged by the sword purple. Although the wound healed several times, the final recovery process became slower and slower. As time passed, the power of the third and fourth level formations was naturally depleted. But the wounds on Momonga's body were difficult to heal. The large hole in Momonga's bat wing turned into a large hole, and it began to be incomplete. There were wounds all over his body, and black liquid kept flowing out. The bright red pupils also dimmed a lot. "Zhizhizhi" But Momonga was not afraid at all, still chirping, this is a monster, not a living thing, so there is nothing to be afraid of. At this moment, defensive purple light converged. However, Li Mudan, who presided over the formation, ended up consuming all the power in the rosary, plus the true energy in his body. The third and fourth level formations were also broken. Three talismans fell from the sky, faded and merged into the pearl. The purple flying sword was also blurred by the purple light, making a whistling sound and returning to the pearl. Li Mudan's face was a little pale due to consuming a lot of true energy. She opened her eyes and said weakly: "Senior Sister Vuong, do it." Qian Susu and Chen Hongyu acted as blades, using true energy to mobilize their swords' energy, and slashed at the Flying Squirrel. At their stage, they have very few tricks, and their fighting is really just more exuberant, which is really similar to the Jianghu people in the small world. It's just that the aura of heaven and earth in the middle world is more abundant, and the longer it lasts, the more splendid it becomes. But because in this true demon world, demon qi is abundant and spiritual qi is scarce, so it is very difficult to replenish true qi. I am afraid that Vuong Nguyen Quang, Tran Hong Ngoc, and Tien To Su will not be able to survive. The simple formation of the Three Talents and Four Extremes consumed most of Phi Thuc's physical strength, causing enormous damage. Vuong Nguyen Quang and the three of them did just one fatal blow. Sure enough, Qian Susu and Chen Hongyu cut off the flying squirrel's wings and front claws, while Wang Yuanguang made a large hole on the flying squirrel's head, and the scary hole behind could be seen first. there. But the flying squirrel is not dead yet, it is still screaming, struggling to fight back, it is a monster, not a living thing. But right after that, he was divided into five horses by three fierce senior sisters. Finally, it turned into pure magical energy and merged with the surrounding magical energy. However, the third senior sister also consumed a lot, and her breathing was a bit labored, but it was not a big problem. Li Mudan didn't need to say much more, she had basically exhausted her true energy. As expected, Yan Ziyun and Zhang Ning were protected, did nothing and passed safely. But Yan Ziyun did not relax her guard, after all she was Yan Ziyun, an assassin with a smiling face and terrifying swordsmanship. In Zhang Ning's view, Zhao Song's Youlong swordsmanship was a powerful swordsmanship even in the intermediate world. "Mother Don, take the medicine to replenish true energy and restore the power of the Three Thousand and Four Extremes. Let's be on guard." Vuong Nguyen Quang said. "Yes, Senior Sister Vuong." Ly Mau Peony drew a peony flower on her forehead to declare her name, answered, took out a medicinal pill from Qian Kun's pocket, swallowed it, and began to restore her true energy. And Yan Ziyun personally protected Li Mudan, Wang Yuanguang, Qian Susu and Chen Hongyu, who were still divided into three directions, holding swords to guard. Because the demonic energy was here, they couldn't absorb the aura of heaven and earth to replenish their true energy, so they just took precautions at this time, letting Li Mudan recover first. Combat effectiveness can be said to be greatly reduced. Even though Yan Ziyun didn't move, she was the younger sister with the lowest cultivation level. Although he was alert, there was nothing he could do. Ly Mau Don doesn't need to say more, that was when she was at her weakest, most defenseless, she really tried to restore her true essence. So if the person in the dark wants to do something, now is the best time. Zhang Ning's mind is all about the man in the dark. Sure, it moves. It was a pitch-black needle, not only pitch-black but also emitting a strange energy. And all around is endless evil energy, evil energy is everywhere. This black needle seemed to be merged into the demonic energy. It naturally hid and flew towards Ly Mo Dan at extremely fast speed, without making a sound. It's a good plan. As long as Li Mudan is still dead. Tiandingzong did not have the protection of the Three Talents and Four Ranks, Vuong Nguyen Quang, Tien To To, and Tran Hong Ngoc were all exhausted, and Yen Tu Van was the junior sister, very gentle. Zhang Ning is also protected, so he should be very gentle. And the opponent is a demon cultivator, and can replenish magic power at any time. As long as Li Mudan dies, Tiandingzong will also end. The group of five people, all junior sisters, will all turn into dry bones. If they are unlucky like Ly Minh Nguyet's junior sister, they will become a kind of mark, and will continue to act before they die. Crazy woman Yan Ziyun said that she wanted to cover for Zhang Ning, but she couldn't. For the masters of Tiandingzong, it was fortunate to meet Zhang Ning in this truly evil world. This can also be said to be Yan Ziyun's luck. Truong Ninh suddenly quickly pulled out his knife, causing some misunderstandings. Wang Yuanguang, Qian Susu and Chen Hongyu were not sweet flowers in the greenhouse, and they were still a little wary of Zhang Ning. Seeing Zhang Ning make a knife, he instinctively wanted to do it too. But then, they gave up. Because of a "Ding" sound, the pitch-black needle hit the face of Truong Ninh's sword, emitting a harsh sound like gold and iron. Not only did the black needle not penetrate the sword, but it also broke. Matter is truly different, like the difference between clouds and mud. The five junior sisters reacted very quickly. Ly Mau Don opened her eyes and temporarily stopped restoring her true essence. Yan Ziyun wanted to protect Zhang Ning, but he was discouraged after thinking about it. Surely, it's my cousin or my cousin. The old lady couldn't find the black needle, I should stay there. Wang Yuanguang, Qian Susu and Chen Hongyu reacted extremely quickly and wanted to support them. But the person in the dark was faster. Truong Ninh suspected that the other side was using a method such as burning blood essence, using extremely fast speed to attack him. Zhang Ning finally saw the other person clearly, with a shining silver gun, mysterious black clothes and an extremely young and pale face. Even though he was aggressive, he was not aggressive and was extremely cold and calm. Zhang Ning fought with his opponent's silver gun for three rounds with a magic knife in his hand, the silver gun in his opponent's hand was immediately broken into four parts, Zhang Ning could see the surprise above. opponent's face, the opponent made the fourth move, kick Kick Zhang Ning's lower abdomen, Zhang Ning raised his right leg to face it. The opponent used force to retreat, quickly expanding the distance. Truong Ninh shook his head, the opponent's cultivation level was extremely strong, he couldn't see enough, he just relied on the sharp magic knife. This is normal. Aside from hidden abilities, Zhang Ning is just a strange person with outstanding talents who also practices Buddhism and magic, he is just a newcomer in the world of cultivation. "Mo Vien? ? You are not from the Thien Dinh sect, who are you? Why do you want to protect the people of the Thien Dinh sect? There is also this knife, I feel that this knife is not only sharp, but also contains a secret. terrifying force." Moxiu withdrew his hand, threw away the remaining silver spear in his hand, looked at the magic knife in Zhang Ning's hand in fear, and his voice was extremely hoarse. "I don't need to answer your question." Truong Ninh said faintly, except for dealing with people like Nhan Tu Van, Truong Ninh is extremely cold. "You guys are so lucky." The nameless demon monk didn't pay any attention, he just glanced at the Thien Dinh sect sisters and spoke, then disappeared in the darkness. Truong Ninh had no interest in chasing after him, so he took back the magic knife. . For Zhang Ning, it was an insignificant problem. But for the five junior sisters of the Thien Dinh sect, it was undoubtedly a life-saving grace. Li Mudan, Qian Susu, Wang Yuanguang and Chen Hongyu looked at each other, then Li Mudan stood up, the four sisters bowed together to Zhang Ning: "Thank you Mr. Zhang for saving my life." Sister is also very grateful. "You don't need to be polite if you take care of me." Truong Ninh smiled and said. Very quickly the atmosphere was broken, Yan Ziyun put the sword back into the scabbard, then used both hands to hold Zhang Ning's hand, his eyes sparkling and said: "Sure, cousin is still my cousin, I I won't call you that anymore. again! "Your cousin. Please take care of me on the way, cousin." Having finished speaking, he stuck out his buttocks and bent down, bowing very sincerely. The four senior sisters were all stunned, feeling that Dien Dinh Tong's dignity had been completely thrown away by this little junior sister. You call your cousin your cousin? Is it shameless to do such a thing? For our master to blindly accept this kind of person, it is truly a shame for the sect. “No, when we go back, we must teach this little sister to be ashamed.” Vuong Nguyen Quang and the other sisters thought to themselves.

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    In that case, let us bury the endless past and longing at the bottom of the well.

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    In the sky, a hawk passed by, looking very warily at a cow not far away. The cow was actually flying in the sky, which was the first time the young eagle students saw it. Goshawk felt scared by this and was very wary. Not only did the cow fly in the sky, but there was also a person sitting on the cow. The cow is a dragon, with a bell and a Qiankun bag hanging around its neck. The man riding the buffalo was dressed in white, with a golden knife randomly stuck in his belt. "Why don't you go?" Zhang Ning bowed his head, touched Niu Er's head and asked. "Hungry." Niu Er turned his head and said sullenly. “Why do you feel hungry?” Truong Ninh shook his head, very strange. You must know that a monster like Niu Er can survive by breathing the aura of heaven and earth, so how can it be hungry? “Maybe it's because I'm about to grow up?” Niu Nhi suddenly glared and said excitedly. “Are you still a child?” Truong Ninh was extremely surprised. He knew that Nguu Nhi had lived for a long time. Could it be that he was still in his infancy? “I am no longer a child, but I will experience many growths in my life.” Niu Er shook his head like a rattle, then he walked towards the nearest big city. "It's okay, I want to eat. I smell the fragrance of tofu." Niu Nhi is a salaryman, working for Truong Ninh, but at this moment, the salaryman is going against his master's wishes, like a puppy. are having fun. Zhang Ning couldn't stop him, so he let it go after thinking about it. You can't let the cows eat grass, right? Niu Er turned into a wind and landed in a remote corner of the city. Then, it rolled in place and turned into a short, big-breasted, and beautiful girl. "Master, let's go." Niu Er pushed Zhang Ning, and the two headed towards the city together. This city is not small, but it is very prosperous and bustling with people. Niu Er had a good nose, so he took Zhang Ning to a khao tofu stall on the street. Niu Nhi sat down, patted the table and said: "Boss, here are twenty bowls of tofu, all must be salty, but ten bowls of spicy sauce, ten bowls of non-spicy sauce." A girl with bull horns, this girl has a pair of large murder weapons. When he shouted again, there were no rules, and it really attracted everyone's eyes. The tofu seller said thoughtfully and worriedly: "Dear customers, is twenty bowls enough?" Seeing this, Truong Ninh took out a large silver coin from his pocket and placed it on the table. He smiled and said: "Boss, how many tofu brains do you want, half with sauce and half without sauce?" “No need to search.” “Arrogant boss” Boss Doufunao felt relieved, his heart was full of joy, he quickly accepted the money, then hurriedly prepared the Doufunao. Niu Er's nose was very sharp, he turned to look at the street vendor next to him, the boss was in chaos. Niu Er shouted again: "Boss, you can add as much as you want to Chaos, half with spicy food and half with non-spicy food." He is a fast learner. Zhang Ning then took out another silver ingot from his pocket and threw it to the boss selling Chaos. Then, a magical scene appeared on this bustling street. A young man dressed in white, a girl "wearing" horns on her head, a bowl of Chao and a bowl of Tofu Nao. Eat as much as you want, your stomach feels like a bottomless pit. The common people were of course surprised, but those with knowledge knew that these two people were probably both gangsters, and only gangsters had such terrifying digestive abilities. "This is the world, you can eat whatever you want. Listen to King Thoi's words and go to the underworld to become a general, deal with demons every day, and just drink a little wine. What's the fun in that?" Zhang Ning held a bowl of Tofu chua, Every small sip of food, just feeling that the world is good, and the world is good. Staying for a while, the two masters and servants rode the clouds and mist to Thien Dang mountain. On the seventh day of September, the sky was clear and the sun shone brightly. On Tiandang Mountain, everywhere in Tiandang city, red hydrangeas hang, smiling brightly. Although Ninh Han did not care about these things, the members of the Divine Sword Sect were all very dedicated. The birthday party was held at noon. There is a main hall of the Divine Sword Sect on Tiandang Mountain, called "Baichuan Hall", which means the sea includes all the rivers, and it shows that the Divine Sword Sect has the ambition to win the world and dominate Qi . Baichuan Hall occupies a very large area, and it is very refined and prosperous. Each column is taken from "Ning Xiangmu" in the south, which is not only tall and straight but also exudes a sweet fragrance. The fragrance is durable and can last for hundreds of years. Such a pillar costs more than ten thousand. It fully demonstrated the unparalleled financial resources and power of the Divine Sword Sect. But with a great hall and countless luxurious houses, Ninh Han lives alone in that thatched hut, she really has everything she wants and only power. Use heaven and earth as a castle, use the sun, moon and stars as walls, use stars and galaxies as silk and satin. Really proud. Baichuan Hall is the main hall, which is usually not open. This was leader Ninh Han's birthday, so the birthday party was naturally held in Bach Xuyen Hall. There were thousands of experts or ministers attending this meeting, covering the entire Jianghu. One table has eight people, some have a hundred people. Each table is made of northern "Ruanshan" mahogany, which is not only unique in material but also skillfully crafted, extremely delicate and luxurious. Countless maids interspersed among them, ordering dishes and cold drinks. Even cold dishes are rare delicacies for common people, and wine is made with flowers. It comes from the Xichuan Sun family and is world famous. Not to mention the time when the Blood River Sect dominated Dai Te in the past, in the past thousands of years, there has only been such an important occasion in the rivers and lakes. Not long after, the cold dishes were ready. The representatives of the major powers in Jianghu, the masters, under the leadership of the disciples of the Divine Sword Sect, entered the "Baichuan Hall" and sat down. Each person has a beautiful maid to serve them. Experts from all walks of life, representatives of major powers, were seated according to their status and strength. But the nine main forces are special. The original layout was a table for eight people, but people from the nine major powers were arranged at a table, with one more seat than a normal table. Monk Yuanxiu and Zhan Tianya sat next to each other, the monk was greedy and did not talk about politeness, monk Yuanxiu held chopsticks and poured Baihuaniang, he drank wine and ate vegetables, feeling very uncomfortable. Except for monk Yuanxiu and Zhan Tianya, the other seven representatives of the nine major powers present were all more or less majestic. I just feel that there is no good party, but that is the Hong Mon party. Wuwang Pavilion, represented by Wang Tiejian, is a local tycoon and ranked in the middle position. Although Jue Dian City is low, it also belongs to the first-class powers in Jianghu, and the prodigal son Tianya is ranked at the top. Thousands of masters, or representatives of various forces, came to the Bach Xuyen hall and sat down quietly, very quiet, as if they were working hard at a big party. Only monk Yuanxiu ate and drank neatly, which attracted everyone's attention. Not long after, there was an announcement. "The leader is here." Everyone couldn't help but raise their heads and saw high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect enter through the back door, Thien Cau Vuong Tieu Cau, left guardian Ly Thanh, right guardian Wang Thuy, elder Liu Hai, etc., recently. are all famous in the world, as a master, he is also a loyal henchman of Sheng Ningxin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect. The crowd surrounded Ninh Han, and Li Lele entered Baichuan Hall. After entering Bach Xuyen Hall, the masters of the Divine Sword Sect also sat down, only Ninh Tam sat on the golden chair of the leader, placed the knife in his right hand, closed his eyes and meditated. like a statue. This birthday boy seems to be a statue. The masters present felt more and more that this banquet was a banquet without a delicious banquet. Under such circumstances, Li Lele stood up, smiled, poured wine, raised his glass and said: "Today is my host's birthday. I really thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday. I will wait for you." to the leader first and invited you to make a toast. After Li Lele finished speaking, he raised his head and drank it all in one gulp, and finally turned the bowl of wine over to show that there was not a drop of wine left. The masters poured the wine one after another, also wanting respect Li Lele. But Li Lele smiled and said: "Today, the leader of my family is the one celebrating his birthday. You may want to respect my leader. "Longevity is better than Nam Son" comes alive. Ninh Han opened her eyes and said: "Nguyen Bach Hoa has enough delicious seafood today, you can eat and drink to your heart's content." Her face was expressionless, her voice emotionless, like ice. The experts made a fuss again and lamented that the leader of the Holy Sword Sect, Daosheng Ningxin, was really domineering and arrogant, and did not keep an eye on the hero. But the other party has such status, so what can I do. There was no delicious food in this banquet, it was very boring. Many experts want to end it quickly and then return to their homes. Staying in this magic knife sect is really uncomfortable. Even more annoying. Today is Ninh Tam's birthday, and Ninh Tam is sitting in the position of team leader, closing his eyes to rest, exuding a cold breath, who can be in a good mood? Who can laugh? For a while, the Baichuan hall was very dull, and the dining sounds were extremely low. Wrong, most people are very humble. But monk Yuanxiu was very proud, holding chopsticks to eat and drink with a smile on his face. "This chicken is not an ordinary chicken, its taste is very unique. I remember that this is a chicken raised by cattle in the south, raised with medicinal herbs, all of which are precious medicinal herbs. When this chicken grows up, it will is a medicine that will disappear.. It is not only delicious, but can also truly enhance one's energy. Monk Yuanxiu smiled brightly, stretched out his hand to pick up the chicken feet, his mouth was full of oil, and he said it very delicious. But other people are not in a good mood like monk Nguyen Tu, even Chien Thien Nhai also feels the solemn atmosphere, don't be too arrogant, just eat quietly. There are many dishes, there are goods. hundreds of dishes, and they were served one after another. Half an hour after eating, except for monk Yuanxiu who ate happily, the rest just ate in silence. Including Li Lele and Divine's top manager Sword Sect. Of course, there are times when the dishes are washed. After clearing the dishes, the maid picks up a handkerchief and gives it to the master to use to wipe his mouth. "Thank you, young lady." The son of Thien Nhai reached out to take the handkerchief and spoke frivolously to the maid. The maid was very calm after a long time on the battlefield, she only glanced at the prodigal son at the end of the world. . This is a small episode. But it is enough to make Tianya's prodigal son become the most noticed person besides monk Yuanxiu today. Seeing everyone's eyes focused on him, the son prodigal Tianya couldn't help but shrug her shoulders, bowed her head and pretended to be an ostrich. Keeping a low profile. At this time, Ninh Han opened her eyes, then said without changing her face: "Eat what you should eat, drink what you should drink, talk business. I want this world, including Phap Hoa Pagoda, Xuan Vien Palace, Chien Gia Bao, Son Duong Family, Xuannvmen, Baiyijiao, Tiejianmen, Ci'enmen, Lingyingshan, to pay "tribute" to the Divine Sword Sect every year, Whoever accepts, whoever refuses." the birthday boy in history. Simple and rude. "The prodigal son Tianya shrugged and thought to himself. No joy, no good words. Just insensitive, just straightforward and domineering. Not even a lie. If you are an individual, you should cover up this aspect. For example, in a river or lake dispute, if you don't die today, he will die tomorrow. Rivers and lakes need order and voice. An overlay is necessary. I would rather have someone willing to be the ruler, maintain order in the world, and avoid loss of life, what do you think? There is no cover-up, who is convinced and who is not is directly decided. If you believe, there's no need to say much. If you don't believe, then tomorrow you'll find a place to sit and find a saint. Authoritarian, straightforward. Everything depends on Ninh Tam's strong strength and the invincible spirit of the Divine Sword Sect. The so-called birthday is just an excuse to invite famous experts in the Great Qi jianghu, or powerful representatives, to attend. There was only one purpose, to declare to Daqi Jianghu that Ning Xin would be the lord of Daqi from now on, and the entire Daqi had only one voice. That is Ninh Han's voice. The owner of the Divine Sword, Ning Xin. Certainly, there are no good parties. There were more than a thousand people present, and there were also people who had not surrendered to the forces of the Divine Sword Sect, such as Majiazhuang, Xichuan Jinliumen, and some scattered people from Jianghu. There were also some people who surrendered, but did not believe in the Divine Sword Sect. So there was some chaos suddenly. Because some people think that this is an opportunity, a chance to overthrow the Ma Dao sect. Now Daqi Tiantian, of course the sword sect is the strongest, but is it really invincible? unnecessary. If the whole world rose up to attack it, the Divine Sword Sect would still be nothing more than deaf ears. And there are thirty-six first-class powers and nine major powers in the latest rankings. Lotus Temple, Xuanyuan Palace, Zhanjiabao, Shanyang Family, Xuannvmen, Baiyijiao, Tiejianmen, Mercymenmen, Lingyingshan, among the thirty-six powers there is a top city that is absolutely unfathomable and extremely low. Jue Dian City can compete with nine major forces, meaning there are ten giant forces present here and they are organized. Can they surrender? Will surrender? Many interested people focused their eyes on the monk Yuanxiu sitting at the table and the prodigal son sitting on the high chair. "What do you think I'm doing? I don't want to cause trouble." Thien Nhai, the prodigal son, held up a white paper fan, looked at everyone bewilderedly, and thought to himself. Don't talk about these ordinary experts, even among the nine major forces, many of them have wandering minds. Monk Yuanxiu knows the secret, so it doesn't matter, ten years of disaster. Zhan Tianya also knows the secret. Since the last decisive battle between Ning Xin and Zhan Tianqing, the Zhan family has been devastated. Even if they didn't know the secret, Zhan Tianya would keep a low profile. And slime, let's talk about maintaining Zhanjiabao. It's hard to defeat a hero with even a penny, so you have to bow your head. As for other major forces, Baiyi Sect lost Wu Xionglie, and its momentum also declined. However, Hien Vien palace, Son Duong family, Huyen Nu Mon, Linh Cuu mountain, Thuong Mon, Thiet Kiem Mon were not injured, their strength was deeply ingrained. They naturally did not want to submit to the Divine Sword Sect. First, there is "tribute money" for no reason, and second, martial artists are naturally arrogant. However, the remaining six great powers are definitely no match for the Divine Sword and Spear if they are used alone, they need everyone to fight together. Because the representatives of the six great powers present only made eye contact. If everyone agrees, it will be reversed. The masters present killed the Divine Sword Sect first, then gathered all the heroes from all over the world to destroy the Divine Sword Sect. But not good. Because the Yuanxiu monk was completely uncommunicative, Zhan Tianya bowed his head, Tianya's prodigal son was also an ostrich, and the person in Baiyi shook his head clearly. So in this huge Baichuan hall, there was no one who refused to accept it! ! ! Silence is compliance. Whoever has the heart to resist will feel cold inside. "This Great Qi River Lake really belongs to the Divine Sword Sect, the nine great powers, the Great Dien City, it's just nonsense. With such a powerful force, you don't dare to resist."

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    Ling Langya held the old man's hand, followed the white ape, crossed the old stone bridge, arrived in front of the thatched house, sat on a stone bench, listened to the sound of waves in the bamboo forest and watched. stars all over the sky.

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    When we meet again, the red face of blue silk will quietly make morning dew on the temples.

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    Duong Minh looked around, smiled coldly and said: "Boy, kneel down and beg for forgiveness, atone for my sins, and spare your life."

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    The character of the old Dragon King was awesome, there's no doubt about that. He also had a very good feeling towards Truong Ninh, after all, Truong Ninh saved his daughter's life. As a black dragon, he is also extremely picky about his children, very few of them. As for the youngest girl, Mo Heiyu, not only is she smart, cute, and most popular with him, but she is also the most prominent existence among his descendants. The Blue Dragon King lost his son Qingmu and was very angry. If he lost his daughter, he would also be very angry. The more important, the more painful the loss. Therefore, the old dragon king had a good feeling towards Truong Ninh, but did not show any good feelings. In the side hall, the old dragon king was sitting on the northern throne, transformed into a crazy, handsome father dragon, and kindly hugged Mo Heiyu, but Mo Heiyu squirmed again and again. The first time Zhang Ning saw this little girl, she turned into a little jiao and ran everywhere in the Dragon Palace, and met again in the Real Demon Realm, except for a little timidity in the face of Aoki , she is really lively. time. Also very polite. When she returned, she predicted that the Azure Dragon King would be unfavorable to Zhang Ning, so she plucked out the precious turtle shell and placed herself in Zhang Ning's arms, intending to act as a human shield. Even though she knew that it might not work, she also hoped to make the Azure Dragon King worry about it. Although in the end it was the old Dragon King who solved everything, but even though this little guy was only three years old, he was absolutely worthy of the word "loyal". Old Dragon King was also very loyal. After sitting down, he said directly: "Nephew, thank you very much for saving my little girl." also saved me." Truong Ninh smiled and replied. Although there is no old dragon king, he will be fine. But for the good deeds of others, you need to express your gratitude. Zhang Ning is a person. "It's different, nephew, you are my guest. Even if you don't save the little girl, I won't let Thanh Long treat you like that." Old Dragon King said firmly. . Truong Ninh raised his head to look at the old dragon king, believing what the old dragon king said. This is an old dragon with connections throughout Eastern China and old dragons abroad. Thieves talk about loyalty and assurance prestige. Such a Dragon King will indeed not let this guest hurt another guest. This is the principle. "My nephew, my little lady has told me that you are in the True Demon World After doing everything, you not only killed Aoki, but also offended Thanh Long. I think you just heard that Qinglong is definitely not someone willing to give up." go. I am 90% sure that this Qinglong is lurking outside the Dragon Palace, if you step outside the Palace dragon, he will kill you. And I cannot protect you. Because it is difficult to protect a Person. I am not afraid of the Azure Dragon, I am not afraid of fighting. But I cannot keep you in the hands of the Azure Dragon, Maybe even three or four Nguyen Anh can't keep you. Thanh Long is very patient. Moreover, his lifespan is extremely long. For him, staring at you for a hundred years, three hundred years is possible, more than Also, nephew, your sword is a bit different. I'm afraid it's not just Qinglong, there are also many people who are unpredictable. So, nephew, although it's a bit difficult to say, I'm afraid you won't be able to enter. Nguyen Anh, I'm afraid you can't leave my Dragon Palace." then said: "For humans, it can be difficult to level up to a Nascent Soul." Implied, Zhang Ning could die of old age in the Dragon Palace. But because Zhang Ning saved Mo Heiyu, the old Dragon King will take care of Zhang Ning. Get some women from the mortal world to breed for Zhang Ning. In general, although freedom will no longer exist, there will be decent wealth. In the old Dragon King's opinion, this was the best ending. Thanh Long Vuong. His difficulty, domineering and ferocity are not just for words. An extremely difficult opponent. Normally, the old dragon king would not easily offend someone like that. Zhang Ning had great faith in the Old Dragon King's judgment, fighting someone was different from protecting someone. With an existence like Qinglong, no one knew what tricks he would have. After leaving the Dragon Palace, even if Zhang Ning had the Primordial Soul to protect Zhang Ning, he might miss the Blue Dragon King. But as for other judgments, Zhang Ning is not too confident. He won't be in the Dragon Palace for the rest of his life. So Truong Ninh smiled and said: "Thank you for your kindness, old Dragon King. However, I have some ways to avoid danger. Even if I leave the Dragon Palace, Thanh Long will not be able to do anything to me." That tiger monster finally looks like a monster. But if you really need to use Wan Baofan, you need to control it well. Last time when you killed that tiger monster, only the demon pill was left. If you kill Qinglong this time, you need to try your best to hold on to your whole body. Qinglong, even if it is a dragon, the corpse must be extremely precious. Even though I don't care, my cranes, purple shirts, and even my stupid cow should all be useful." Truong Ninh thought to himself. The road to longevity is extremely difficult, but with Zhang Ning leading the way , the Li family's younger sister, Liu Xiuxiu, Zhang Zishan and even that stupid cow will go smoothly. But the world of cultivation is different from the Jianghu world, although the treasures of heaven and earth are extremely important in the world of Jianghu, but they are not so important, people like Zhang Zishan can easily reach the heavenly realm even if they don't take medicine. That's the younger sister of the Li family, actually, talent is also possible. But after arriving in the cultivation world, all kinds of natural materials, earthly treasures and cultivation resources need to keep up. The higher the cultivation level, the more resources are needed. Zhang Ning There is no need to deliberately accumulate resources. Occasionally encountering a monster like a monster like a tiger tiger that harms people, he can easily kill and eliminate the demon. When he encounters a domineering guy like Qinglong, he can can accept him arbitrarily. As the saying goes, if you don't open it for three years, you can eat it for three years if you open it. If the alchemy inside the previous tiger demon killed this green dragon, for a long time, Zhang Ning would not have to worry about the cultivation of Zhang Zishan, the younger sister of the Li and Niu Er families. Where can I find such a good thing? People change with the environment. Since Zhang Ning brought his whole family to Fengyue World and officially entered the path of cultivation, his work style has changed a bit. You must know that when he was in the small world, Truong Ninh would not intentionally collect money like that. For Truong Ninh, Thanh Long leaving is a bad thing, hiding in the dark is a good thing for him. But the old Dragon King didn't know this. When he heard Truong Ninh's words, he couldn't help but feel a little stunned and at the same time a little angry. "Nephew. I know your sword is a bit special. I'm really surprised that you were able to kill a Golden Core stage puppet with this sword. But believe me, that blue dragon is definitely very difficult." deal with you. You must know." pet Although it is good, it also needs a worthy owner to develop its power. Thanh Long has countless ways to secretly attack you. It even destroys your soul without anyone finding out. Before you could react, You were just a corpse." King was a little annoyed, and reminded Azure Dragon King about his strength again. Zhang Ning was very helpless when he heard these words, this was a misunderstanding. , a misunderstanding that is difficult to explain clearly. Do you want to tell the old dragon king that I am the king of Chujiang? Zhang Ning's skin is not so thin, but he cannot say it. But Zhang Ning will not stay in Long Palace, so Truong Ninh seriously said: "Old Dragon King, there is no need to worry, he still has treasures on his body, enough to protect himself." Very good, but seeing Truong Ninh reject his kindness over and over again, he couldn't keep his face. After coldly snorting, the old dragon king turned into a black light and disappeared, angry. He left angrily. Truong Ninh was a little reluctant, but still didn't explain much. "I'm also reluctant." Mo Heiyu scratched his hair, showing a helpless look. Mo Heiyu rushed into Zhang Ning's arms. with short legs, high head and big beautiful eyes. She said: "Brother Truong Ninh, father, he is not joking, Thanh Long Vuong is truly cruel and scary, no matter what he says." Anything, if it takes effect too late, is all trash, my king wants to strangle you to death." , like crushing an ant." The little girl is very serious, very serious. "You have to believe me, don't you know how to listen to good and evil?" Truong Ninh bowed his head and touched Mo Heiyu's small head, revealing a very serious expression. The little guy raised his head, Truong Ninh bowed his head, his eyes widened, it was so funny. Mohist dragons are very good at listening. Mo Heiyu believed Zhang Ning's words, but did not believe in Zhang Ning's strength, and muttered: "Qinglong King is really strong, brother Zhang Ning, your child, really cannot protect you." Zhang Ning was also very helpless. Can not be explained. Neither the father nor the daughter believed him. no way. After a moment of silence, Mo Heiyu's small face moved, and the old Dragon King transmitted his voice to her. Mo Heiyu said to Zhang Ning: "Brother Zhang Ning, there are two things. I heard that he went out to find the lost dragon cow, and that cow went down the Yongning River to the sea. Second thing, My father said that the Pure Duong flower should be very rare, but if you eat it like that, problems may arise. It can help refine the medicine, neutralize it, and increase its effectiveness." me and his beloved daughter Oh." Mo Heiyu chuckled, rubbing his small head into Zhang Ning's arms. Zhang Ning also understood this truth, pure yang flower is a pure yang thing, very domineering. What's more, the Li family's younger sister is really not easy to swallow. And refining pure yang yang flower into elixir comes at a very high price. Although Zhang Ning saved Mo Heiyu, that was not the case. It was to repay the favor of the old king of the Dragon King. But it was the matter of the Ly family's younger sister. Truong Ninh was not a particularly hypocritical person, so he naturally accepted the kindness. "Thank you." Truong Ninh nodded and said, then from Van Bao Pham took out the Pure Duong Flower and gave it to Mac Black Ngoc. Mo Heiyu summoned a clam girl and asked the clam girl to bring the Pure Yang flower to the Dragon King. Old man. The Dragon King was still very angry and did not want to see Truong Ninh. "Father said that this type of pure duong flower is very rare, and there is no fixed formula for the medicinal pills. He needs to think about using those medicinal herbs to supplement the medicinal herbs. Roughly it takes a few months. Brother Truong Ninh, you can stay here." for a few months. At the Dragon Palace, play with me. "Brother Zhang Ning, let me show you my collection. When I was born, many uncles gave me gifts. The turtle shell that Uncle Long Quy gave me is one of them." very large, delicate and luxurious. There are no ordinary lights in the room, only luminous jade, emitting a gentle light. Mo Heiyu took it out a lot of treasures, often show it to Zhang Ning. Certainly, there are many rare treasures, all of which are of great value. She is worthy of being the beloved daughter of the old Dragon King, an existence known by thousands beloved person. Although Zhang Ning doesn't care about these treasures, because there are more treasures in his Wanbaofan, there are countless relics alone. One must know that relics, at most is equivalent to the Golden Pill of the Taoist religion, and the internal medicine of the Demon Race. The value is immeasurable. But facing the little girl who took out the treasure hidden in her body to share with him, there is no need to say these words. Zhang Ning only hummed a few sentences to make her happy. Truong Ninh stayed like that in the Dragon Palace, waiting for the old Dragon King to refine the pure yang flower into elixir. As for that stupid cow, because it wasn't slaughtered. , so it's not a big deal. Once the elixir is refined, go find it. But once you find it, you need to pump it hard. What a worry-free cow. For the time being, Truong Ninh can live peacefully in Long Palace, but he has never played with it. No mention of Azure Dragon King, just like the old Dragon King said. Zhang Ning held a very scary knife, even attracting the attention of Zhang Chunnian from Tianbao Pavilion, and awarded him a gold medal from Tianbao Pavilion. Leaving aside humanity, the land-walking monster races and some water races are not of the orderly type. The old Dragon King ordered the Dragon King to hold a banquet for distinguished guests. After the banquet ended, he left the Dragon Palace himself. But there are many unpredictable people, but they are in ambush. Whether it was the ambushers or the people sent by the old dragon king to investigate, no one found the Azure Dragon King. This makes many people wonder, does the blue dragon really change gender? Can you swallow this breath alive? Actually no. The so-called dragons can be big or small, can hide or hide, can ride clouds and fog, and can fight in the wild. Although the green dragon is not a real dragon, it is a green jellyfish with profound morality. But this blue dragon is quite capable. The Thanh Long King outwardly transformed into a hundred-meter tall green dragon, angrily returning to the sea to the east, but in reality, he secretly transformed into a carp, swam upstream, and returned to the surrounding area. of Dragon. The palace was like an aquarium, and turned into a carp, unclear pebbles in the grain river. like a statue. Being targeted by a newborn Soul is no small matter. Furthermore, this is a Qingjiao dragon. This Qingjiao is very vengeful, very domineering, and very difficult to deal with. And after reaching the Newborn Soul, even if you do not use magic and supernatural powers. Just based on your ears and feel, you can detect many types of wind and grass. So don't look at the Thanh Dragon turning into sandstone without being obvious, in fact the Thanh Dragon King seems to be monitoring the Dragon Palace's every move from 360 degrees, which is very terrifying. The means are also much better than some people hiding in the dark. At least the old Dragon King also sent a few people out to investigate, clearly discovering some Nguyen Anh monsters secretly lying in ambush, and then politely let them leave. Cancan leave behind all discovered monsters. But besides the Thanh Dragon King, there are definitely some other scary monsters ambushing him. Thinking about Zhang Ning's knife. There is a saying, if you don't reveal your wealth, if you reveal it, you will encounter a thief.

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    The past has some worries, dripping into my heart. When Ling Langya saw the couplet for the first time, he felt it was very familiar, but he didn't remember when he saw it. After thinking about it, he did not completely agree with what Lien Trung said. He felt that he did not have much of a past to make wine. When he chose to leave, he buried the past in his heart. under the blue stone. and only kept in his heart the old man's last hope before leaving. Even if the world turns upside down, in the end it will be as the old man wished.

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    The three people were even more shocked, they said so, if it was true they would sell their bodies. It was Ah Fu who had been with Louzhu Hong for many years. Knowing that this amnesty, he immediately reacted, let go of the thigh he was holding, pulled someone with one hand, and immediately ran towards Qingfenglou.

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    He reached into his chest and pulled out a small black rope, tied tightly with a small ancient bronze bell.

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    Five people looked at Wang Shi's back when he turned around, and they were all touched by his actions.

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    Master once said what the outside world is like.

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    Then, he packed his simple luggage, closed the door and left that place without looking back.

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